Ambulatory Blood Pressure (Holter) Monitor Contec ABPM-50

Ambulatory Blood Pressure (Holter) Monitor Contec ABPM-50

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Namijenjen je za mjerenje i nadzor krvnog tlaka kod odraslih, pedijatrijskih i neonatalnih pacijenata. 
Pohranjuje do 300 rezultata jednokratnog mjerenja pojedinačnih pacijenata, te do 350 rezultata mjerenja neprekidnog praćenja krvnog tlaka. Svaki zapis uključuje detaljne podatke o vremenu mjerenja, sistoličkom krvnom tlaku, dijastoličkom krvnom tlaku, srednjem krvnom tlaku, pulsu, porukama o pogrešci i broju zapisa. 
Sučelje za rad je jednostavno za upotrebu i LCD zaslon u boji od 2,4 inča.

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Contec ABPM-50

This Ambulatory Blood Pressure (Holter) Monitor is a device designed for measurement and monitoring of blood pressure in adult, pediatric and neonate patients.

Stores up to 300 results of one-time measurements for separate patients, and up to 350 measurement results of continuous blood pressure monitoring. Each recording entails additional data regarding the time of measurement, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, median blood pressure, pulse, error notifications and number of recordings.

The user interface is simple for use, projected on a colored 2.4-inch LCD screen. Integrated data review function and data display function include data review from one measurement in a large format, list of measurements and recorded values, blood pressure oscillation graph, current time and date, battery status and alarm.

The device comes with one standard-sized cuff. Large and pediatric cuffs are bought separately. Cuff connection socket is located on the upper part of the device. USB connection socket is located on the lower side.

Stored data can be moved to a PC with the attached USB cable. An analysis and visual measurement display software CD is included with the purchase of the device (for Windows OS only).

 Primjer grafičkog prikaza rezultata mijerenja

Primjer grafičkog prikaza rezultata mijerenja

Brief instruction video on how to start using the device:

Technical specifications

TFT 2.4-inch LCD screen with a clear image and display of warnings regarding battery status, alarm, error notifications and current time.
Measurement units: mmHg / kPa
PC connection enables data review, measurement result analysis, visual display, report printing and various other functions.
Measurement mode: Oscillation method, arm cuff
Measurement interval: 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 90, 120, 180 and 240 minutes
Alarm: SYS/DIA
Power supply: Two AA alkaline batteries
DImensions: 128x69x36 mm, Net weight: 350 g

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Ambulatory Blood Pressure (Holter) Monitor Contec ABPM-50
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