Binaurals and tubing for Littman Cardiology stethoscopes
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Binaurals and tubing for Littman Cardiology stethoscopes

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BInaurals and tubing for Littmann stethoscope Cardiology III, Cardiology IV and Master Cardiology.

Manufacturer 3M Littmann
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3M™ Littmann® stethoscopes are an exceptional series of instruments used by millions of medical professionals around the globe. Stethoscopes have a crucial role not only during examinations - they give off a good first impression, too. A stethoscope around the neck of a medical professional provides the patient with a feeling of safety, as the stethoscope is one of the most basic as well as the most essential diagnostic instruments.

Each Littmann stethoscope is conditioned by the leading innovation design principle that implies the highest quality materials handled with the cutting-edge precision and highly consistent level of quality the other brands cannot replicate.

Numerous innovations such as the adjustable diaphragm, noise reduction technology and Bluetooth connectivity have expanded and upgraded the purpose and capabilities of Littmann stethoscopes beyond all expectations. Littmann stethoscopes are now a world-acclaimed standard according to which the other brands get graded by. Shortly put - Littmann has offered, offers and will continue to offer only the best acoustics, innovative design and excellent performance.

Binaurals and tubing for Littmann stethoscopes Cardiology III, Cardiology IV and Master Cardiology

Gray earplugs included in the price.

The tubing is conveniently easy to replace. Simply pull out the chestpiece metal tube from an old tubing and replace with the new one.
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Available colors

Crna boja
Bordo boja
Plava boja
Navy blue

Technical specifications

Code Tubing color
LITT-78807865858 Navy blue
LITT-SP049 Burgundy
LITT-78808323766 Black
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Binaurals and tubing for Littman Cardiology stethoscopes
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