Electric blanket, single-sided, artificial wool, 150 x 80 cm

Electric blanket, single-sided, artificial wool, 150 x 80 cm

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Single heating blanket is made of artificial wool, perfect for warming up during cold winter days. Easily choose the level of heating that suits you the best with three predefined heating programs. The dimensions of this single-sided blanket are 150 by 80 cm.

The electric blanket consists of:

1. Single-sided blanket

2. Control unit

3. Reattachable cable


4. LED Indicator

5. Temperature regulator

6. Low heat level indicator

7. Medium heat level indicator

8. High heat level indicator



How to use this electric blanket:

Use the blanket only with the attached control unit. Insert the attached cable into the plug on the blanket and attach it to the control unit. Lay the blanket on a mattress so the side of the blanket with the control unit plug is facing the mattress. Straighten the blanket if necessary, there shouldn't be any wrinkles or folds. Place a sheet over the blanket and make the bed in the standard fashion. During use, do not place the control unit below a pillow or a cover. The switch on the control unit must be set to one prior to connecting the device to a mains socket.

The blanket needs to be turned on one hour before going to bed, in addition to choosing the desired heat level.
Level 1: Low heat level for a feeling of warmth and comfort in bed.
Level 2: Medium heat level for moderately cold temperatures.
Level 3: High heat level for intense bed warming when the room temperature is extremely low.
To heat up the blanket faster, choose level 3.

Prior to going to bed, turn the device off and then unplug it from the mains socket.

Cleaning, maintentance and storage:


Before washing or cleaning the device, unplug the control unit from the electric blanket. Cleaning and maintenance should not be performed by children without adult supervision. Do not dry clean or use chemical solvents, as these products may damage the electric blanket and compromise the safety of the device. Do not bleach. Wash the electric blanket by hand or in a washing machine at a maximum temperature of 40°C with low mechanical action and spin. It is advisable to wash the appliance by hand in order to prolong the life of the product. Do not crease, wring or twist the electric blanket. Never dry in a tumble dryer. Dry lying. Do not iron. After washing, place the electric blanket over a clothes line to dry. Do not use clothes pegs to secure it because they may damage the heating elements.

Technical specifications

Important notes:

Before using the product, make sure it is not damaged. In case of any damage, performance problems or immersion in water, do not use the device and please contact your distributor. Do not leave the packaging plastic bag or other packaging part in children's reach. The control unit and the blanket are packed separately. Use the blanket only with the attached control unit. Before plugging the device in the mains socket, check whether the mains voltage fits the one designated on the product label. Do not use the electric blanket if it is wrinkled or folded. The produzct is designed and made for use as an underblanket (placed on the mattress below the sheets). Using the blanket in any different way is not considered appropriate as it might endanger your safety. Before cleaning the blanket, remove the control unit. Do not wash in a dry cleaner. Do not use the device if it is damp or wet. The blanket must not be folded or creased. Do not stick pins, needles or similar items in the blanket. When the blanket is not in use, it must be unplugged from the mains. Do not unplug from the socket by pulling the control unit. The appliance should not be used on adjustable beds as the blanket or cable could be trapped or snagged. Use the appliance on a mattress only. Do not use on rigid surfaces (without a mattress, on a bed base, slats, floor, etc). Unplug from the power socket before lying down. The user should not fall asleep when the device is operating. The device is not intended for physically impaired persons, children, people insensitive to heat, people with a pacemaker or some other battery-powered medical unit. Do not use this device simultaneously with other heating devices - this unit is not intended for medical use in hospitals. Long exposure to heating devices might cause burns. Before storing the products, let it cool down. Do not crease and/or deform the electric blanket by placing objects on top of it while stored.  In case of faults or malfunction, unplug from the mains socket. Do not tamper and contact the authorised after sale service immediately. Do not use outdoors.

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Electric blanket, single-sided, artificial wool, 150 x 80 cm
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