Electric lice comb
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Electric lice comb

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Electric lice comb - safe and non-toxic method of handling lice problems.

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Solves lice problems without any chemical treatments with an inconspicuous low-voltage el. current harmless to people.

Fast and Efficient

Use the device as you would use a common comb. Thanks to special notches with curved tips, the comb doesn't damage the hair or scalp, and it doesn't rip or pull out hair due to its flexible notches.
Easy to use
  • - Device activity indicated by a LED indicator
    • - When the device is turned off, the LED indicator will flash and produce a brief sound signal (beep)
    • - The device emits a sound signal every 3 seconds while working
    • - In presence of lice or eggs, the beep becomes shorter and more frequent, and the LED indicator starts flashing
  • - The device automatically turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • - Low battery indicator
  • - Device cleaning brush
  • - Power supply: 2 AA batteries (included)


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Electric lice comb
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