Em-eukal®  Wild cherry Drops for Kids + 5 vitamins, sugar-free

Em-eukal® Wild cherry Drops for Kids + 5 vitamins, sugar-free

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The first vitamin cough drop especially developed for children has been providing relief and protection for over 40 years. Felix Soldan, the father of the current managing parther Perry Soldan and grandson of the founder, created the product. With five carefully selected vitamins, a mild hint of menthol and high-quality natural ingredients, it remained popular to this day, with young and old.

Manufacturer Dr. C. Soldan
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Dr. C. Soldan company has been making Em-eukal® cough drops, Premium drops for health and well-being, used in treating cough and cold symptoms, ease of breathing and refreshment of breath for many years. The company has been founded by a pharmacist and medical officer Dr. Carl Soldan, with Em-eukal paving the way for a strong brand family. Perry Soldan has been running the business since 2005, representing the fourth generation of the family.

Dr. Carl Soldan wrote the first paragraph in the company's success story. He set up his own medical pharmacy in 1899 and had surprises in store from the outset, developing a succession of products in tune with the times. He made the first cough drop with menthol and eucalyptus at the beginning of the 20th century. The Em-eukal brand was born and the "cough drop" was christened "Em" after menthol and "eukal" after eucalyptus. Today, Dr. C. Soldan company boasts with over 2.000 recipes and holds 6 brands under its wing.

Natural, tasty and efficient
The secret of making cough drops begins with selecting the fruit juices, herbal extracts and essential oils of the highest quality. The product range includes hard candies without sugar or artificial coloring in the flavors Eucalyptus, Salvia, Honey, Lemon and Ginger-Orange, soft candies in the flavors Eucalyptus-Menthol, Ginger-Orange and Wild Cherry-Salvia. Our special offer consists of Em-eukal vitamin cough drops for children with Wild Cherry, without sugars or artificial colorings. And lastly, we also offer Em-eukal® glucose in the flavors Apple, Cherry and Forest Fruit.

The flag of the Brand
Em-eukal has a strong brand identity, characterised by special recipes using high-quality natural ingredients and soothing pleasure in a range of flavors. Each Em-eukal is unique. And "nur echt mit der Fahne" - which means that only the original and genuine product comes with the flag. It is no accident these cough drops come in their special wrapping with the flag. In the 1950s, doctors prescribed the Em-eukal drops to coal miners in the Ruhr district of Germany to help with bronchial complaints. The white and red flag was intended to preserve hygiene during the unwrapping process. Today it stands for premium quality, soothing pleasure and trust in the brand.http://www.soldan.com/More than a healthy choice
Best natural ingredients
With valuable essentiaL oils
Proven Dr. C. Soldan® premium quality
Convenient packaging

IFS Higher Level certificate
European GMP certificate (good Manufacturing Practice)
Licence of pharmaceutical product manufacturing under the German Law on drugs /AMG) since 1962

Technical specifications

-  Sweetener: isomalt, acid: citric acid, vitamins: vitamin C, calcium-D-panthenonate, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, barley malt extract, wort extract, natural flavor, cherry juice concentrate, beetroot juice concentrate, liquorice root extract, menthol, sweetener: Sucralose
Lactose-free, aspartame-free, German quality.

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Em-eukal® Wild cherry Drops for Kids + 5 vitamins, sugar-free
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