Foldable wheelchair for transport of patients

Foldable wheelchair for transport of patients

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Aluminum frame, 3 quick release belts, 2 fixed wheels, 2 rotating wheels with brakes, armrest and foot pad, waterproof.

Manufacturer Moretti
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Wheelchair specially designed for transporting patients through difficult passages such as narrow corridors, lifts and stairs. The wheelchair contains 4 adjustable levers, two on the back and two on the front, to facilitate transport in each situation.

The structure is made of a lightweight aluminum frame with seat and backrest in waterproof Naizil fabric that is easy to clean.

Foldable wheelchair can be set in emergency situations.

It is equipped with 3 fastening brackets for immobilisation of patients with fast release and with 4 wheels on the stand, of which 2 fixed wheels and 2 rotating wheels with brakes for easier movement of the corridors. Wide foot pad.



Technical specifications

Dimensions of a closed wheelchair 
95 x 56 x 20 cm
125 cm
Height (min)
68 cm
Weight 11 kg
Maximum load
150 kg
Certificates and directives 93/42/CEE, EN 1865
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Foldable wheelchair for transport of patients
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