Latex gloves DAR EX, powdered, sizes XS, S, M, L and XL (100pcs)

Latex gloves DAR EX, powdered, sizes XS, S, M, L and XL (100pcs)

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Latex gloves 


   Disposable, powdered
   Smooth surface
   White color
   Anti-tearing beaded cuff

Latex is a substance of natural origin derived from the milky rubber sap. It consists of water (65%), rubber (33%), resin (2%) and proteins (1.8%). It is extracted from the "rubber tree" (Hevea Brasiliensis), mainly grown in the countries of Southeast Asia. Its main feature is the ability to revert back to its original form, even after a lot of pressure and elongation, thus offering an easy fit and excellent tactile sensitivity. Due to this, latex has been commonly considered as one of the best materials used in the production of gloves.

Benefits: Natural rubber, elasticity, tear-resistant, highest sensitivity, biodegradable, easy fit, comfort

      nota-informativa  monouso  manichetta-240mm      ce-0465

Tactile sensitivity: 5+/5
Grip: 4/5
Extension: 5/5
Mechanical resistance: 3/5
Chemical resistance: 3/5

How to choose your glove 

Weight of a glove is the key element in determining its quality. There are several factors that affect the weight of examination gloves: the material gloves are made of, quality of manufacturing and the intended purpose of gloves.
Rays SpA line consists of gloves of various weights, from 0.7g HDPE (polyethylene gloves) to 19g Biosafe High risk (latex examination gloves).

Most users are not familiar with AQL (Acceptance quality limit). It is a highly important indicator used in determining the quality of gloves. AQL refers to the percentage of defective gloves present in a production batch. The lower the AQL, the better the glove quality.
In order for gloves to be certified as a medical product, their AQL needs to be lower or equal to 1.5. AQL is determined through a watertight test. Gloves are hung upside down and each filled with water at a temperature between 15°and 35°C. Gloves are visually examined for 2-3 minutes. If a glove doesn't leak any water during that period, it is considered suitable. A lot of 200 out of 50.000 gloves in a batch are tested. In order to receive the AQL rating of 0.65, the number of defective gloves per lot must not exceed 3.

It is important to check the amount of gloves in a box. A lower price often implies a poorer quality, lower weight or fewer gloves in a box. Rays SpA guarantees the number of gloves indicated on the box matches the actual number of gloves in a box.

Rays SpA allows the user to easily determine the perfect glove size by simply measuring the palm width with a reference scale corresponding to international standards.
Glovely gloves available in sizes: XS (5-5.5), S (6-6.5), M (7-7.5), L (8-8.5), XL (9-9.5).
Everyrays gloves available in sizes: S/M (7-8), M/L (8-9), L/XL (9-10).

The material choices available are latex, nitrile, vinyl and other materials addressed to specific needs, namely polyethylene and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Each material has different mechanical, chemical and tolerability properties, which need to be taken into consideration prior to deciding on which gloves to choose.

Double face
The packaging can be used both in horizontal and vertical position.

Technical specifications

   Available Sizes: XS (5-5,5) S (6-6,5), M (7-7,5), L (8-8,5), XL (9-9,5)
   AQL 1.0
   Length: 240 mm min.
   Weight: 5,0 g ± 0,2
  100 gloves per packaging

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Latex gloves DAR EX, powdered, sizes XS, S, M, L and XL (100pcs)
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