HuBDIC Wave Pulse Plus TENS

HuBDIC Wave Pulse Plus TENS

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  Main Features  

✓  Microprocessor Controlled
✓  Wide Frequency Range: 1 - 1100Hz
✓  Automatic and manual programs
✓  Soft Function
✓  Large Screen with Visual Icons
✓  Frequency level: 10 different levels
✓  Timer: 30 minutes
✓  Repeat Mode
✓  2 AAA batteries (included)



 1. Low battery alarm
 2. Soft Mode - Pressing the button lowers the intensity
 3. 1100 Hz - The program treats the area with high frequency of 1100 Hz, which helps alleviate pain
 4. Repeat Function - The unit repeats a stimulation session in a specific interval. Usable only in Automatic mode.
 5. Numerical Display - Displays time left till the end of treatment.
 6. Frequency - Graphic display of frequency



Alleviates pain in muscles and joints, used in treatment of neuralgia and neuroparalysis. Used in muscle rehabilitaion treatment.

hubdic tens


This device should not be used in combination with the following medical appliances:

  • 1) Electronic implantation medical devices such as pacemaker
  • 2) Electronic life support equipment such as an artificial lung and respirator
  • 3) Electronic medical devices attached to the body, such as ECG

People to whom any of the following conditions apply should consult their physician before using the unit.

  • 1) Acute diseases
  • 2) Malign tumors
  • 3) Infection
  • 4) Pregnancy
  • 5) Cardiac Dysfunction
  • 6) Fever
  • 7) Abnormal blood pressure
  • 8) Skin problems or skin sensory disorders
  • 9) Persons receiving medical treatment, especially those experiencing physical side effects from medical treatment


  • - Do not bend the electrodes or cover them with each other
  • - Avoid touching the sticky part of electrodes with fingers.
  • - Avoid bending or pulling the electrode cable.
  • - Hold the connector while removing the cable from device.
  • - Do not throw the device or expose it to powerful vibrations.
  • - After using, remove the electrodes and place is on the carrier.

  How does it work?  

The unit delivers a gentle electronic impulse to your muscles via soft electrode pads that come with the device. By placing a pair of pads on a particular muscle group, the muscles reponde to the impulses by contracting and relaxing rhythmically.

  Temporary relief from muscle pain and ache caused by daily activities.
  Blood circulation improvement.
  Muscular pain and neuralgia relief.
  Relief of peripheral neuroparalysis.
  Soothing tense and painful neck pain.
  Alleviating pain in arms, legs, hands and joints.
✓  Recovery from fatigue after exercising or overworking.

Treatment Guide

Standard number of treatments is 1-2 times per day. Some people may be fatigued from the first week of use. In that case, lower the intensity and treatment duration, limiting the number of treatments to once per day.
Treatment Duration - 15 to 30 minutes for each region.
Number of treatments: 1-2 per day
Intensity/Frequency - Adjust to a comfortable level.
If using low- frequency electrotherapy equipment for the first time, set intensity to weak and keep the treatment time short.

Wide Frequency Range 1-1100 Hz
- Low-Frequency Stimulation (1-100Hz): Alleviates chronic pain, numbness and muscle spasms.
- Mid-range Frequency Stimulation (1-1100 Hz): For acute pain and instantenuous blockage of pain transmission

Soft Function
When started with even higher level, the intensity is increased gradually.

  Preparing and Setting the Electrode Pods  

- Connect the electrode cable to electrode pads
- Peel the surface film off the pads
- Clean the skin in the area where the electrode pads will be placed. Skin must be dry. (if oil or similar adhesive substance gets on the surface of the pad, it will not stick as well or last as long)
- Apply the adhesive pads of the electrodes directly to the skin on the part of the body you wish to massage.
- To avoid electric shocks, place the electrodes while the device is turned off.


  Recommended Areas to Apply the Pads  

For an efficient treatment of the regions such as back, joints, shoulders, arms, legs, feet or abdomen, apply the electrodes as illustrated below:

Pozicioniranje elektroda

Technical specifications

Power Supply: 2 AAA batteries
Consumption: cca 30mA
Frequency: 1~1100 Hz
Battery Life: 3 months (15 min/dan)
Intensity/Frequency: 10 levels
Dimensions: 61x178x19mm
Net Weight: 135g (w/o battery)

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HuBDIC Wave Pulse Plus TENS
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