Manicure/pedicure set

Manicure/pedicure set

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Ten accessories and extensions.
Cuticle removal tool.
Two speed settings.
Power supply via AC adapter.
Convenient storage case.
Includes a rechargeable battery.

Manufacturer Innofit
Warranty 5 godina
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Pedicure is a form of professional treatment for feet and toes, and manicure is a beauty treatment for nice and healthy nails. The main purpose of pedicure is the protection of feet and nails and preventing nail trauma. If you're a healthy person with healthy feet and nail, you can afford this device for home use at the price of one professional treatment. This way, you can have your own pedicure/manicure treatment whenever you want, especially during summer months when feet and fingers are exposed not only to scrutinuous looks, but to external harm as well, since open types of footwear are commonly worn then. The same applies for hands and handnails with which we present ourselves whatever we do.

This pedicure/manicure set makes a very quaint present.

Device components:

1. Main unit
2. Power switch
3. Power jack
4. Power socket
5. Shaping discs
6. Polishing discs
7. Brush
8. Vuticle remover
9. Nail shaping and surface straigthening head
10. Coarse nail surface straightening head
11. Cone head for excess feet skin removal
12. Cuticle removal stick







- In order to prevent possible infection, it is recommended that only one person uses this device at all times.
- Do not clean the device with aggressive detergents or chemicals

Instructions on how to use interchangeble heads
This set comes with 9 additional accessories: 7 interchangeable heads, nail clipper and cuticle remover.
Interchangeable heads can be easily adjusted by gently pressing them into the frontpiece of the device. To remove them, just gently pull them out from the device.
5) Nail shaping discs
For straightening the surface and fine reduction of nail length.
6) Nail polishing discs
We recommend putting a small amount of polishing cream over the head. Set the rotation speed to low while polishing the nails, no more than 15 seconds per nail.
7) Small brush for final touches
Small brush for final, gentle cleaning.
8), 12) Cuticle remover
Use with warm water to soften the cuticles and push them back
9) Cone for nail shaping
For excess skin removal from the nail base. We recommend using this head by making circular moves starting from the middle and slowly moving towards the nail ends.
10) Coarse nail surface straightening head
Za uklanjanje stare kože i ravnanje površine stopala
11) Coarse shaping cone
For excess feet skin removal

Special tips for use:
Do not press the device too hard against the nail surface. Heads shouldn't be used with excessive force as that could cause damage to the device. Treat the nails gently and lightly with slow circular movements. Periodically pause the treatment to check on the nails and their status. Before removing any excess skin from feet, do not wet your feet because the treatment will not be efficient in that case. When polishing the nails, do not hold the polishing disc in spot; instead, move it constantly across the nail surface. It is recommended to set the rotation rate in this case to low. Don't polish a nail more than 15 second each. Soften the cuticles with warm water prior to removing them.

The adapter is positioned in the compartment at the bottom side of the base.
This pedicure/manicure set comes with two NR 1.2V rechargeable batteries.
The batteries can be charged in two ways:
a) Connecting the device directly with the adapter.
b) Connecting the device with the base which connected with an adapter to the AC power supply.
Recharging time is 6 hours, but during the first recharging process, the batteries should recharge for 24 hours. The device has a red LED lamp that lights up once the batteries are charged. To ensure the battery longevity, it is recommended to fully deplete the batteries at least two times a year.

Note: In case the batteries deplete completely during device use, it can be connected directly into the adapter. In that case, the device needs to be turned on, waiting for at least 30 seconds to attain a stable rotation rate prior to using it.

Turning on and turning off the device:
Once you have picked and inserted your desired head, use the controller to set the desired rotation rate and directionThe device is designed for a continuous use, not longer that 20 minutes. Prolonged use may cause the device to malfunction prematurely. In case 20 minutes is not enough for a treatment, turn off the device and let it cool for 15 minutes, then continue with the treatment.

Cleaning, maintaining and storing: 
- Before cleaning the device, we recommend removing the batteries from the device.
- Clean the device with a damp cloth, then wipe it with a dry, soft cloth.
- Never use any cleaning agents.
- Do not submerge the device into any liquid

Technical specifications

Uz uređaj dolazi 10 izmjenjivih nastavaka i 1 štapić za uklanjanje zanoktica:

  • 4 gruba diska za oblikovanje
  • 1 polirajući disk
  • 1 nastavak za zanoktice
  • 1 glava za poliranje
  • 1 šiljasta glava za poliranje
  • 1 velika konusna glava
  • 1 četkica za čišćenje
  • 1 štapić za uklanjanje zanoktica
  • Napajanje uključeno
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Manicure/pedicure set
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