Pulse oximeter CMS 60C

Pulse oximeter CMS 60C

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Handheld pulse oximeter CMS 60C is suitable for home use, hospitals, community health centres and sporting facilities.
Various probes enable SpO2 measurement for infants, children and adults.
Quick and accurate real time SpO2 and pulse measurement.
Two-channel screen displays a column graph which denotes the pulse intensity and pulse waveform.
Features: Real-time alarm, SpO2 data management software; continous tracking / one-time instantaneous monitoring
Programmable thresholds for SpO2 and heart rate.
Power supply: One rechargeable lithium battery.
Enables data storage for up to 24 hours.
Simple data transfer to PC via free software and cable included with the device.
Measurement range: (SpO2): 35% - 99%; Increment: 1 %; Precision: 70 % -99 % : ±2 %
Measurement range (Heart rate): 25 - 250 beats per minute, Increment: one beat; Precision: ± 2 beats per minute or ± 2% (choose higher value)
Dimensions: 87 x 45 x 22 mm
1.8" TFT color screen - adjustable lighting

Probe not included in the price. Additional purchase of probe for adults, children or infants necessary in order for the device to work properly.

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Pulse oximeter CMS 60C
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