Rossmax Bubble type antidecubitus mattress (with a compressor pump)
Kompresor (pumpa) za antidekubitalni madrac HF6001
Set za popravak antidekubitalnog madraca HF6001

Rossmax Bubble type antidecubitus mattress (with a compressor pump)

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Designed for Pressure Ulcer stages 1 and 2
Dimensions: 190x89 cm, height 6.5 cm
Durable medical grade PVC
Damage resistant
Very comfortable
6-minute cycle
Very quiet performance
Includes a kit for mattress patching and repairing

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Designed for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcer stages 1 and 2.

Dimensions: 190x89 cm, 6.5 cm height.

Durable medical grade PVC, shockproof, consists of 130 bubble chambers.

Adjusts to most bed types.

High-quality pump designed for treatment adjustment according to the patient's weight.

6 minute cycling time.

Near silent low noise

Includes a kit for mattress patching and repairing.

Operating principle:

• Sequential alternation of air pressure prevents the prolonged compression of vascular system, which may potentially lead to a lack of oxygen in cells and tissue (hypoxia).

• Alternating pressure adapts the mattress to the patient and his/her pose.






Installing/Using the mattress:
1. Spread the mastress.
2. Place the mattress on the bed frame with the hose end at the foot section of the bed frame.
3. Using the integrated hangers, securely hang the pump on the bed frame end at the foot or place it on a smooth flat surface.
4. Connect the air hoses from the mattress to the pump unit. Make sure you connect them properly.
5. Plug the pump into a wall electrical outlet.
6. Turn on the power switch on the pump control panel.
7. The pump will begin to inflate the mattress.
8. Once the mattress has been inflated, adjust the pressure settings based upon the patient's comfort level by turning the pressure adjustment knob clockwise to increase firmness.

Safety measures
• Be very careful while handling the electric equipment.
• Do not leave the mattress connected to a power grid if not in use.
• Do not expose to excessive humidity.
• Do not use corrosive cleaning products such as industrial degreasing products or acetal thinners.
• Do not move the equipment while it is connected to an electric grid.

Cleaning and disinfection
Compressor (pump):
• Unplug the device before cleaning it.
• Make sure the cleaning cloth is damp with a mild detergent.
• Refer to the instruction manual regarding the concentration of solution agents recommended by the manufacturer.
• Do not ignore the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the appropriate cleaning detergents.
Wipe the product with a cloth damp with mild detergent, or a floor-cleaning detergent/desinfection product with the CE mark. Stick to the concentration levels recommended by the manufacturer. Leave the cleaning agent for enough time to be effective, as recommended by the manufacturer.

This instrument is covered by a 1 year guarantee from the date of purchase, mattress and accessories are not included. For products sold within the European Union, rossmax acknowledges all consumer rights granted under the EU Directive 1999/44/EC and the respective national laws within the EU. The guarantee is valid only on presentation of the warranty card completed or stamped by the seller/dealer confirming date of purchase or the receipt. Opening or altering the instrument
invalidates the guarantee. The guarantee does not cover damage, accidents or non-compliance with the instruction manual.
Read more on the manufacturer's official website.

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Technical specifications

Mattress Features:

Weight Capacity: up to 130 kg
Mattress Dimensions:: 200x90x7 cm
Materials: PVC 0,3 mm

Compressor (pump) features;

Air output: 5-7 L/min
Pressure range: 70~130 mmHg
Power supply: 110V/220V/50-60 Hz
Low noise operating mode: below 40 db

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Rossmax Bubble type antidecubitus mattress (with a compressor pump)
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