Soft and comfortable toilet elevation 10 cm height

Soft and comfortable toilet elevation 10 cm height

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This truly is a luxurious toilet elevation. If you spend a lot of time on the toilet you wont be sorry you have invested little bit more in this toilet elevation.

Manufacturer Moretti
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Mekano toaletno povišenje s centralnim fiksiranjem RP440

Soft toilet elevation RP440

   Toilet elevation for toilet seat and bidet made of EVA. 
   Resistance to stains:  Resistance to oils and solvents and wear and tear
   Resistant to fraying trough longer periods of time.
   Shock absorber: Reduces vibration and impact
   EVA: Ethyl vinyl acetate

The ergonomically designed seat offers greater user comfort thanks to the reduction of support pressure. The profile of the seat with a slight negative inclination facilitates a correct posture, reduces flexion of the hip and knees. Made of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), a material that can be easily washed and is of absolute comfort. 

Dimensions: 46,3 x 34,3 x 10 cm 
Height: 10 cm 
Weight: 1,5kg

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Soft and comfortable toilet elevation 10 cm height
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