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Tlakomjer na pero Riester Big Ben - stolni RI1453
Tlakomjer na pero Riester Big Ben - stolni RI1453
Big Ben Sphygmomanometer, Wall model RI1459
Big Ben Sphygmomanometer, Wall model RI1459

SphygmomanometerBig Ben | Riester

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Sphygmomanometer with a big manometer and easily readable scale. Available in table and wall option.

Manufacturer Riester
Warranty 1 godina

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Riester otoskopiDesigned to meet all doctors' needs in private practice and clinics,, Riester products have been developed in close cooperation with medical engineers and experts in various fields of primary and hospital care. Highly efficient and reliable Riester products use the latest technology to reduce maintenance costs and improve their efficiency.

Blood pressure | Big Ben

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Sphygmomanometer with a big manometer and easily readable scale.
Big Ben reflects Riester quality, the highest grade analogue sphygmomanometers for precise blood pressure measurement. Big Ben sphygmomanometers are especially large and sturdy devices designed for intensive use in physicians’ practices and hospitals.
  • Generously dimensioned scale and high-contrast scale layout for optimum readability.
  • Spacious basket on the reverse side for tubes and cuff.
  • Spiral tube can be extended to 3m.
  • Non-wearing air-release valve with fine adjustment.
  • Specially hardened copper-beryllium membrane, resistant to aging, can withstand pressures of up to maximum 600 mm Hg.
  • Micro-filter to protect the release valve and measurement system.
  • No zero-point fixation required.
  • Maximum error tolerance: ± 2 mm Hg.
  • High reliability.

Available in 2 variants:

  • Wall and Table 

Wall model:

  • Can be swivelled horizontally 65° to the left and right.
  • Glass-fibre reinforced wall bracket for maximum strength (comparable to steel).
  • Simple conversion to the rail model.

Desk model:

  • With desk-top base

Technical specifications

Code Model
02.3.1157.00 Wall
02.3.1118.00 Table
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SphygmomanometerBig Ben | Riester
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