Tens PG-2602a (with slippers)

Tens PG-2602a (with slippers)

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Ublažava mišićne bolove u vratu, spondilozu, periartritis, artritis te bolove uzrokovane naprezanjem slabinskih mišića.
Može ublažiti paralizu perifernih živaca i mialgiju, potaknuti cirkulaciju i otkloniti umor.
Nadopunjuje fizikalnu terapiju. Alternativo rješenje za uklanjanje bolova bez analgetika.

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Reduces muscular pain in neck, spondylosis, periarthritis, arthritis and pain caused by groin strain. It can relieve peripheral nerve paralysis and myalgia, enhance blood circulation and reduce fatigue.
Complements physical therapy. Alternative solution for pain relief without analgetics.
Frequency range: 2 to 1000 Hz. Impulse intensity regulation scale: 1-8
Power supply: 4 AA batteries or 4.5V DC. Four modes: pressure, rub, vibration and tapping. Various choice of massage procedures depending on your shoulder, waist, joint, fist, foot or leg state enables a more efficient therapy.
Slippers included.
Weight: 1000 g

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Tens PG-2602a (with slippers)
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