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This page contains the Terms of Sale and Service of Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com online webshop.


Carefully read these Terms of Sale and Service of Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com and online webshop before using the kvantum-tim.com webshop for the purposes of purchasing products advertised or prior to procuring information regarding any particular product found on the webshop. In case you have opted for purchasing any products by shopping online (webshop) or you have browsed this webpage for the purpose of procuding information regarding any particular product, it is then considered that you comply with these Terms. In case you do not comply with these Terms, Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com is not legally responsible or liable for the aforementioned. In case you do not agree to these Terms of Sale and Service, do not use the webshop for the purposes of purchasing products and/or procuring information regarding any particular product.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale
Unless the involved parties have agreed otherwise, the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Kvantum-tim d.o.o. webshop published on this page are considered as the applicable General Business Conditions, as well as those stated in relevant legislatives, namely THE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT, particularly the section of the act describing the regulation of distance contracts. The General Business Conditions are determined in accordance with THE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT (Official Gazette, N.N. 41/14, chapter III. - Distance contracts and sales contracts concluded outside the Seller's business premises).
You can read the aforementioned act in its entirety on the following link in Croatian here: (Provisional EN translation here).

The Seller in this case is Kvantum-tim d.o.o. Company Webshop. Company HQ: Božidara Adžije 22/1, 10000 Zagreb
Tel: + 385 (0)1 600 58 30, e-mail address: kvantum-tim@kvantum-tim.com
Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću za trgovinu, usluge i zastupanje (Limited Liability Company for Sale, Services and Representation)
Zagrebačka banka d.d. Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
IBAN: HR39 2360 0001 1015 1498 4
The company has been entered into the records of the Commercial Court of Zagreb under MBS 080292137 and OIB: 56616753620
Company share capital 1.610.000,00 HRK paid in full, Board: Marijan Bulat, Tomislav Bulat

For the purposes of this chapter, the following expressions shall have the following meanings:
Seller: Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com, Božidara Adžije 22/1, 10000 Zagreb
kvantum-tim.com - Web address of the Seller's online webshop.
Buyer - Consumer - All persons who have registered their data or who have temporarily logged in to order a product or service after browsing and opting for a product or a service.
User - kvantum-tim.com - all persons who have used kvantum-tim.com webpage for the purpose of purchasing products advertised on the webpage or procuring any kind of information regarding a particular product
Using kvantum-tim.com - Accessing kvantum-tim.com website for the purposes of purchasing products and/or procuring information regarding any particular product.
Products - All items listed on kvantum-tim.com webshop which can be purchased.

Buyer - Consumer
Eligible Buyers are exclusively adult people with legal capacity. A legal entity or a natural person using Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com webshop who has browsed and opted for a product or service after registering on the site or logging in with their data and placing an order for a product or service.
The use of services of Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com webshop can be exercised exclusively by adult persons. Accessing and using the aforementioned website by children and minors is not permitted. Parents and/or guardians must must take that into account. Otherwise, they are considered fully liable for the commitments made this way. The Seller is not responsible for the potential consequences of such access and use.
Contracts under the name of a minor and/or a person without the legal capacity can be concluded only by the respective person's legal representative/s, whereas a person with a partial legal capacity can conclude a contract only with the authorisation of their legal representative/s. The Seller is not liable for any contracts concluded contrary to this rule.

Promotional Sale
Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com will, on their own volition and in accordance with the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT, place specific products on promotional sales. Terms and conditions of promotional sales will be described in detail, particularly how long the sale will last, the discount percentage and the new reduced price.
Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com will not take any new orders under the conditions refering to a promotional sale which has expired.

Special Conditions
The company director of Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com has defined the following TERMS OF SALE on 1st December 2015:
- In accordance with the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT, the following has been authorized by the company director:
Consumers defined as "Internet consumers" - online sale, this group has been authorized for the facilities of purchase conducted with credits cards, via cash on delivery or by bank transfer depending on the amount of products ordered, currently active promotions and/or subscriptions. "Special sale" and "Special offers" on the internet have been defined in accordance with the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT.
The delivery service for products ordered on the webshop is conducted by courier companies with whom Kvantum-tim d.o.o. has signed a contract (Englmayer). The delivery is either free of charge or charged in accordance with the General Terms of Online Shopping (you can read them here: https://www.kvantum-tim.com/delivery-and-shipping) for all buyers who have placed an order on Kvantum-tim d.o.o kvantum-tim.com webshop. The time of delivery depends on the stock availability of ordered goods, payment method and delivery address.
Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com is obliged to deliver exact ordered goods within the stated maximum period of delivery starting from the moment of a successful purchase. You may personally collect the ordered goods in case you are in Zagreb. Otherwise, the goods will be delivered to your address by Englmayer delivery service.

General Conditions
The proprietor and holder of kvantum-tim.com website is Kvantum-tim d.o.o. company (hereinafter: Seller). The Seller offers the service of sale through the medium of kvantum-tim.com webshop site. By using the services of Kvantum-tim. d.o.o. kvantum-tim webshop, it is assumed that the consumers are familiar with these General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter: Conditions), in addition to fully understanding and accepting them. These Conditions apply to the rights and obligations concerning product and service purchase on Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvanum-tim.hr webshop, as well as the rights and obligations derived from the conclusion of distance contract (hereinafter: Contract) between the Consumer as an end buyer and Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com webshop who are considered as a consituent part of such a contract, in regards to the conditions and method of ordering products, product prices, payment method, warranties, complaints and returns, delivery, protection of personal data and privacy and any other questions regarding Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com online shopping.
We advise the users to familiarize themselves with these Conditions prior to buying anything, as well as to regularly check for updates in order to be fully familiarized with all their respective rights and obligations.
The Seller reserves the right to alter these Conditions at any time without the obligation of prior announcement and without the risk of any liability for any potential consequences arising from such alterations. The newly stated changes take hold the moment they're published on these web pages.
The Seller reserves the right to cancel a service or alter any content, as well as other services and pages which are constituent parts of Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com webshop at any given time without prior announcement and without the risk of any liability for any potential consequences arising from such alterations. The newly stated changes take hold the moment they're published on these web pages.
The Seller reserves the right to alter, limit or cancel providing any service of Kvantum-tim d.o.o. webshop at any time and without prior announcement, inclusively, partially or completely limiting the access as well as offering specific services to users who violate the provisions of these Conditions.
The Consumers use the products on their own responsibility.
The Seller is not liable for any damage caused on any devices that enable access to Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com and data saved on the aforementioned device during the use of Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com in case the damage has been influeced by unlawful third-party acrt, computer viruses or any other cases in which the Seller is not held responsible. The Seller is not held responsible in case a circumstance arises where the access to Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com is denied.
The Seller will not be held responsible for the accuracy and/or completeness of the information and content on Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com website. The Seller reserves the right to make an error in description and/or provision of a product's image. The Seller does not guarantee the images depicted are 100% accurate. Product images are for illustration purposes only. We are not responsible for any accidental errors found in product descriptions. Variations between actual products, product photographs/images and products described on these webpages are possible if a manufacturer alters any of the product characteristics or product contents. All products on these websites are regularly reviewed and updated in detail.
The Seller is authorized to change the content of the General Conditions, product range, product prices, other webshop data as well as any other material on Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com without any prior announcement, which is why the users of Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.he are obliged to thoroughly read the content on the website before using it. Any contrary practice waives the Seller from any liability. The newly stated changes take hold the moment they're published on these web pages.

Photographs and Descriptions
Photographs and descriptions of specific products have been obtained from the manufacturer/distributer or taken from the internet, meaning they might not be completely accurate. Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com tries to present products with as much authenticity as possible. We reserve the right to post images and descriptions that do not necessarily match with each other. All materials, photographs and texts are posted on Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com with a good intention to provide customers with an easier browsing method. Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com does not guarantee the product photographs fully match the product's real appearance. Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com is not liable for any accidental errors in product descriptions. Diferrences between the actual product, the product photograph and the product description might occur on these webpages, in case the manufacturer decides to alter any of the product's features and/or content. The descriptions are regularly reviewed and updated in detail.
The Seller is not liable in any way for any inaccuracy and/or incompleteness of information or content posted on Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com
Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com reserves the right to make accidental errors in product description and photograph posted in accordance with the information provided by distributer - manufacturer.

Cookies Policy
In order for Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com webpages to function properly, small files need to be placed on your computer's hard drive, called Cookies. According to EU regulations, Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com must ask for permission to place them on the User's computer prior to saving them. By using kvantum-tim.com webshop the User consents to the use of Cookies.
Cookies are a quintessential part of the shopping process, and without them, you won't be able to add products to your cart and proceed to checkout to finalize the order. If you need more information regarding cookies, go to www.allaboutcookies.org. To enable cookies on Windows PC, click the "Help" button on the top of your browser, then click "about". To enable cookies on Mac, choose the "apple" menu while your browser is active, then click "about".


Signing and Terminating Sale Contracts

These Conditions, as well as separate Conditions of Sale marked next to specific product information represent the offer of Kvantum-tim d.o.o. to make a Contract, whereas the Buyer, by placing an order ot through some other ways defined within these Conditions accepts and signs the contract, legally binding the Buyer and Kvantum-tim d.o.o. through a contract, in accordance with the Conditions of Sale stated on this page.

The subject and commercial purpose of the Contract is the purchase of the specified product or service through kvantum-tim.com webshops by paying the corresponding fee - the price of the product or service. The contract is concluded through a distance proxy (distance contract), i.e. through the Internet.

The Contract takes effect and becomes legally binding the moment an order is placed and a receipt issued.

The user may unilaterally terminate the Contract within 14 (fourteen) days without citing any reason.

To become eligible for unilateral termination of the Contract, the user is obliged to notify Kvantum-tim d.o.o. about the decision regarding the unilateral termination of the Contract before the deadline date with a written unambiguous statement sent by mail (Address: Kvantum-tim d.o.o. Božidara Adžije 22/1, 10000 Zagreb) or by e-mail to sales@kvantum-tim.com, stating their first name, last name, address, telephone number, telefax number or e-mail address. Alternatively, the user may fill out a written form for unilateral termination of contract (see below).

In addition, the use may fill out and send the digital form for unilateral termination of contract (download the form here), in which case Kvantum-tim d.o.o. will notify the user without delay upon receiveing the e-mail regarding the unilateral termination of contract.

The deadline for unilateral termination of Contract is 14 (fourteen) days from the day the goods have been delivered to the user or to a third-party the user has designated, the party not being the transporter, or, in a case of a service, from the day the contract has been signed.

Should the user unilaterally terminate the Contract, he/she will be reimbursed with the amount initially received from the user, including delivery fees, without delay, up to 14 (fourteen) days from the day Kvantum-tim d.o.o., i.e. kvantum-tim.com webshop has received the user's statement regarding the unilateral termination of Contract, unless the user has opted for a different form of delivery which isn't the cheapest standard delivery option. The reimbursement will be done through the same medium the user has used during order placement. In case the user opts for a different reimbursement method, no additional costs will be applied. Kvantum-tim d.o.o. can issue the reimbursement once the goods have been returned back or once a proof has been presented that the goods have been sent back.

The user is obliged to personally deliver the goods back or to send them to the following address: Kvantum-tim d.o.o., Božidara Adžije 22/1, 10000 Zagreb, without unecessary delays, and 14 (fourteen) day the latest since the day Kvantum-tim d.o.o., i.e. kvantum-tim.com webshop has received the statement regarding the unilateral termination of the Contract. The direct expenses of delivering the product/s back are covered by the user him/herself.

The user is liable for any reduction of the value of goods caused by handling the goods, except for the one necessary to define the nature, features and funcionality of the goods. In case the original packaging has been damaged, the reimbursed amount will be reduced by the percentage as reflected in the value of the goods. The user will be promptly informed should such a situation occur.

Within a reasonable time period after concluding a distance contract, no later than the point when the product has been delivered or the service has been done, the Seller is obliged to send the confirmation regarding the concluded contract to the user on a durable medium (paper, e-mail).

Prior to Contract conclusion the user has the opportunity to review the Conditions by clicking General Conditions of Online Shopping in the INFORMATION menu at the bottom of the frontpage (Notice from article 57 p. 1 CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT (Official Gazette N.41/2014 and 110/2015)), these Conditions.

The user is not eligible for the Contract termination in the following cases:

  • - In case the Contract item is a product the Buyer, i.e. the User has been using, in case the product packaging has been damaged, i.e. the product is not in the state it has been in when it has been delivered to the user. The user has the right to test out the product.
  • - In case the Contract item is a product which, due to its nature and form, has been inseparably mixed with other objects after the delivery.

  • - In case the service has been carried out, and its realization has begun with the user's explicit consent and with his/her confirmation that he/she is familiar with the fact he/she will forfeit the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract if the service has been fully carried out.


Order cancellation in case the product is no longer available

The Seller reserves the right to cancel the Customer's order if the ordered product is no longer available. The seller will inform the buyer about it and fully refund the amount paid.


Return of Goods and Consumer Protection

Complaints and Grievances

Complaints regarding product defects can be submitted in written form by e-mail or regular mail, or orally via telephone:

  • Telephone number: (+385) (0)1 600 58 30
  • E-mail address: sales@kvantum-tim.com
  • Company address: Kvantum-tim d.o.o., Božidara Adžije 22/1, 10000 Zagreb

In case of a justified complaint, the Contract can be terminated and the product purchase can be reimbursed or replaced with another product. In case the delivered goods have been damaged or had a malfunction, the user needs to attach a photograph with the complaint in order for it to be taken into consideration on the basis of the provided physical evidence (the photograph/s). Kvantum-tim d.o.o. performs the acquisition of damaged, malfunctioning or wrongly delivered goods at its own expense if it has been proven that the complaint is justified and that the user has not caused malfunction, damage or any form of defect to the goods. In case of a justified complaint, Kvantum-tim d.o.o. will cover the expenses of replacing the product with a new one in entirety.

In case of dispute regarding the validity of a complaint and/or the way the product has been returned (the product must be returned unused, in unaltered and in the original packaging, including the original receipt and warranty), the product will be submitted to an examination by a professional or a legal expert. In case the complaint justification is deemed as legitimate upon examination, Kvantum-tim d.o.o. will cover the expenses of replacing the product with a new one in entirety. Otherwise, the user will have to cover the expenses.

The user has a right to submit a grievance letter, either within the premises of the sales outlet, Kvantum-tim d.o.o., Božidara Adžije 22/1, 10000 Zagreb, or by sending a mail to Kvantum-tim d.o.o., Božidara Adžije 22/1, 10000 Zagreb, or by sending an e-mail to sales@kvantum-tim.com, whereas Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com is obliged to reply within 15 days from receiving the letter. Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com will manage and keep written records of correspondence for at least a year from the day of receiving the initial grieavance letter from the user.

Prior to concluding the Contract (of Sale), Kvantum-tim d.o.o. Company (kvantum-tim.com) will notify the Consumer by sending an estimate, publishing a text on this page or in any other form regarding the name, headquarters and the Company's MSB No. to which the user can submit their grievance letters regarding product features, services offered, product or service prices including taxes and other fees, delivery and shipping fees, payment methods and methods and deadlines of product delivery or service providing, post-purchase services, product or service warranties, user's right to terminate a contract in accordance with the CUSTOMER PROTECTION ACT, situations in which the user's right to terminate the Contract is unjustified and excluded, presumptions and procedures of terminating the Contract with an indefinite duration or for a duration longer than one year, expenses of using the means of remote communication in cases the expense is not calculated by the basic rate, as well as the period within which the order placed on the webshop and the price are valid.

In case of phone orders, the identity of the company, as well as the commercial purpose of the call will be explicitly stated during the conversation. The contract in the name of and for the purposes of a minor or legally incapable person can be signed exclusively by a legal representative of the aforementioned user.

No later than the moment of product delivery, i.e. on the day the service provision has commended at the latest, a confirmation of notification will be sent to the consumer in written or some other form available to user, such as a durable medium, in which all the data aforementioned in earlier paragraphs will be stated.

In case of disappearance or a discovery of absence of some or all product constituents, the situation will be handled in accordance with the Civil Obligations Act.

Online Consumer Dispute Resolution

By the decree of the European Commission No. 524/2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes applied since 9/1/2016, an online Platform for Online Dispute Resolution has been organized (ODR platform). The link to the Online Dispute Resolution is here.

Personal Data Protection

The Seller collects Buyers' personal data within the degree necessary to fulfill its obligations, informing the users about the new products, products on sale and the delivery of advertisement materials, improving relationship with users and for verification of other data essential for online shopping.
The Seller is obliged to protect the Buyer's personal data in accordance with the the Act on Personal Data Protection, in addition to obliging not to supply third parties with the personal data in any form without prior consent of the Buyer (the exception being data essential for the company's business partners delivering the products). The cases excepted from this rule are the ones where the Seller is, through a legitimate legal warrant issued by the authorities and in accordance with the law, obliged to deliver or allow inquiry into the Buyer's personal data. The Buyer has a right to ask for a change, edit or correction of incorrect personal data.

Consumer Complaints and Grievances

In accordance with the CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW, the Buyer can submit grievance letters via e-mail: kvantum-tim@kvantum-tim.com

Privacy Statement

Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com is bound to provide Buyers with personal data protection, in a way to collect only the necessary and basic data about the Buyers/Users, essential for fulfilling all the obligations; informing Buyers about the method of using the collected data, regulartly giving the Buyers a choice in deciding how they want their data utilized, including the option to unsubscribe their name from any advertisement campaign. All user data is strictly secured, available only to employees to whom the data is essential for performing their jobs. All employees of Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com and their business partners are obliged to comply with the principle of data protection.

Gathering and Using Information

Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com respects and protects your privacy. During the process or requested service realization and for issuing notifications and information regarding your purchase or other services, we oblige to use only the information you free-willingly supply us with. We oblige not to sell, disclose or give information data to a third party in any way besides the way we have noted already in this statement.


These webpages contain links to external websites. Please take into consideration that Kvantum-tim d.o.o. kvantum-tim.com is not responsible for privacy protection on the aforementioned external websites. We encourage our users to read the Privacy Statement of each data-collecting external website. This Privacy Statement applies exclusively to the information gathered on these webpages.

Correcting/Updating Personal Data

In case user's personal data (such as a post office no. / ZIP code) change or if the user doesn't want to receive any service from us, we have the options to correct, update or remove the user's personal data we possess. This can be done manually on the "My Account" page, or by sending an e-mail to: kvantum-tim@kvantum-tim.hr

Notice of Change

In case we decide to alter our Privacy Policy, we will post a notice on our website's frontpage so our webshop users can always be familiar with the data we collect, methods we use them and under which conditions, if any, we reveal them. If at any moment we decide to use the personal data in a way different from the aforementioned at the time the same data has been collected, we shall promptly notify the users by e-mail. The users will be given an option to confirm or decline the new method of using the data.
We'll use the data in accordance with the Privacy Policy valid at the time the data has been collected.

For all additional questions regarding our webpage security, send us an e-mail with your inquiry to kvantum-tim@kvantum-tim.com

Dispute Resolution

Potential disputes between the Seller and the Buyer shall be undertaken through agreement and in a peaceful way. Otherwise, the party responsible for resolving the dispute is the governing legal Court in the Seller's place of residence.

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