Ultrasonic MESH inhaler ChoiceMMed

Ultrasonic MESH inhaler ChoiceMMed

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This inhaler uses modern MESH technology that allows seamless operation and inhalation in all positions including laying position.
Low power consumption allows battery operation and usage anywhere.

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A completely silent inhaler that is especially good for inhaling infants.

Small, lightweight, powered by two ordinary AA batteries and is therefore perfect for traveling.
It is very easy to use.

Automatically stops when there is no more liquid in the cup.
Packages come with masks for children and adults and mouth attachment.

In order for inhalation to have a particularly good impact, put hyperthermal water from the Italian Abano Thermi in the inhaler, which has healing properties and is replaced by a saline solution.

Technical specifications

Ultrasonic frequency: 140kHz

Maximum fluid volume: 8 ml

Minimum fluid volume: 0,5 ml

The average MMAD particle size is 5μm

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Ultrasonic MESH inhaler ChoiceMMed
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