Wireless Urinary Detection Alarm DRI Sleeper Eclipse™

Wireless Urinary Detection Alarm DRI Sleeper Eclipse™

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A new, improved DRI Sleeper ™ model.
Wireless, with remote sensor.
A more practical solution for bed urination.
Effective for deep sleepers.
Medical product.
Discreet for older children and adults.


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Dri Sleeper™ helps families discover the joy of dry sleeping from 1979.

A device patented and manufactured in New Zealand.
Urologists in Croatia recommend it for treatment when there is no medical diagnosis for urinating in bed.

Wireless urination detection alert

Dri Sleeper Eclipse ™ is an even simpler wireless model of the legendary Dri Sleeper ™ cable.

The treatment has 2 steps.
Insert the Urinosensor into underwear.
Turn the alarm on and place it on the table.
The treatment is ready.

Watch video instructions in just 30 seconds:

How does the device work?
The Urinosensor is placed in the underwear and in contact with urine the alarm is triggered that awakens the child who can go on the toilet on its own.
Through the next few days or weeks, the child learns to wake up faster until he learns to wake up before the urine starts and the alarm is announced.
Then the child wakes up consistently every time there is a need to go to the toilet.Ultimately, the child will sleep without urinating in bed or without any need to go to the toilet during the night.

Sometimes treatment can take several weeks to several months, but as Professor Hjalmas from Sweden, a leading pediatric medical specialist in solving the problems of bed-beding, says, "It's the only confirmed method that cures the bed urination problem."

International research confirms that the urination alarm is the only proven method to successfully treat this problem.


Unique patent on the world market.

No contact with the metal, no corrosion in contact with urine, no skin irritation and simply cleansed.

Ideal size for moisture detection in the child's underwear.

Effective penetrating alarm sound.

The Urinosensor receives a signal from distance of up to 25 meters and can also be in a parental room.

Improved battery saving technology.

Friendly design in the shape of a small space rocket.


Studies show that urination in bed is very common.
Even 20% of five-year-olds have this problem. In most cases it is not a medical problem, but if you suspect it is a good thing to check with urologist.
Bed urination has been frequent in those families where both parents had this problem in childhood. Which means that it is a genetic inherited problem, it is not a child's fault. In this case, when there is no medical or physiological reason it can be cured.
Studies also indicate that it is caused by a combination of deep sleep and that signal of a full bladder cannot pass through the brain.
Most children get night bladder control before they go to school. But if your child still wets in bed at least twice a week at the age of 5, it probably suffers from an enuresis (a medical term for urinating in bed).
Also, research has shown that there are no drugs that can cure urination in bed.

Should child s bed urination be treated?

Only about 15% of those who wet in bed are treated.

Bed urination can lead to self-esteem issues,
abuse and teasing of peers and social isolation, especially if it happens in school camps and sleeping with friends.

Children value urination in bed as the third most stressful event after parental divorce and quarrel.
For these reasons, the treatment of urination in bed can have a very positive effect on the child's life.

How can I help my child?
Talk to your child about bed urination and understand his concern.Let them know they are not guilty and are not alone in it.
Many school-age boys are still urinating in bed. Explain them that bed urination can be cured and that you will support them.

Things to Avoid

Try not to limit your child's drinking habits, it does not wet the bed because it drinks too much. It wets the bed because his brain does not recognize full bladder signals during sleep, and the bladder is reflexively emptied.

Awaking a child to go to the toilet at certain times of the night can be counterproductive, especially if the child's bladder is not full.
Bribe and awards for unrealistic goals such as dry nights do not work because bed wetting is not under child control.

Bed-wetting alarms are known throughout the world for having the highest rate of success in treating this problem with a permanent effect ranging from 70 to 90% compared to other treatments.The advantage of the alarm is that it is cost effective, there is no need for medication, and no side effects.

How does the alarm work?

The alarm works by placing a sesor in the child's underwear that activates the alarm when a small amount of urine is released and a child is awaken.
By the time the child learns to connect the feeling of full bladder with the need to wake up and eventually the bladder reflex will function properly and the child will sleep peacefully during the night.

Training that supports and encourages your child

Parents have a vital role in the treatment.
That includes teaching your child what to do once the alarm is activated. Prepared clean bedsheets and underwear will help your child to go back to bed quickly.
Involving the whole family in the treatment program and recognizing every progress towards the goal is most important.
When a child reaches 14 consecutive dry nights with the alarm, his urination in the bed is cured and it can stop using the alarm.

Download 10 Myths about bed urination here.

Experience on the success of the treatment.


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Wireless Urinary Detection Alarm DRI Sleeper Eclipse™
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