YU300 Homecare Oxygen Concentrator, white (Delivery within 10 days)

YU300 Homecare Oxygen Concentrator, white (Delivery within 10 days)

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Large LCD display with easy-to-read data enables an easier device operation in light and dark areas. The infrared remote control allows you to prolong or shorten the period of device activity, choose the negative ion production function, regulate the flowrate and turn the device on/off. The device is equipped with an alarm function that warns the user in case the air filter needs to be cleaned.

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YU300 Homecare Oxygen Concentrator is intended for the general population regardless of age, since it improves the brain function, improves the skin appearance, beneficialy influences health in general, raises productivity, enhances memory and reduces mental fatigue.

Oxygen Flowrate
1-5 l/min (1 L/min >90%)
Oxygen Concentration
30% ~ 90%
Output Pressure 45 kPa
Noise Level
≤43 dB
Dimensions 295 x 175 x 270 mm
Net Weight 7,5 kg
Input Power 100 VA
Power Supply 220+/-22V, 50+/-1 Hz



Stable Oxygen Concentration         Koncentrator_kisika_YU300


Very Low Noise level                          Koncentrator_kisika_YU300

Infrared Remote Controller               Koncentrator_kisika_YU300

Easy cleaning and filter replacement       Koncentrator_kisika_YU300


Refreshing, clean air                             Koncentrator_kisika_YU300          

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YU300 Homecare Oxygen Concentrator, white (Delivery within 10 days)
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