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Welcome to the largest medical equipment store in Croatia!

We offer more than 5.000 different products for family health and medical professionals on this website.

Kvantum-tim d.o.o. is one of the leading Croatian companies in pharmaceutical and medical product wholesale, which extends to our wide range of partners, from drug wholesalers and distributors, pharmacies and specialized stores to hospitals, polyclinics, health centers, doctors' offices and practices, universities, schools and visiting nurses.

We have cared for the well-being of our partners since 2002, earning a great amount of experience in medical device procurement. We now offer you our expertise and knowledge. You can now easily, quickly and affordably buy the product you need for personal use or as a medical professional.

Almost all the products found on this website have been imported on our own, which means we offer the best prices, the widest range and the best stock availability.

We are a registered retail and wholesale distributer of medical devices at the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices. You may see our permits here and here.



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