Antidecubital pillow 6 cm height

Antidecubital pillow 6 cm height

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Antidecubital pillow | 6 cm height

Antidekubitalni jastuk 6 cm visine

An antidecubital pillow made of air cells is designed to provide balance and protect the patient from the risk of decubitus and tissue injuries. The pillow equals weight distribution to ease the pressure in each position. It adapts to the shape of the user`s body and allows complete immersion.

Antidecubital pillow ST851/2 consists of 2 parts for adjusting the air pressure in each section as required by the user.

ST851/2 antidecubital pillow intended for people who have problems with sitting, wheelchair users, anyone who has to sit for long period of time (eg, after an accident, illness, elderly people, etc.), anyone who belongs to a risk group or people who might develop decubitus.

Antidecubital pillow is used to properly position the pelvis and limb area in the seat, reduce pressure and prevent wound formation.

Antidecubital pillow is equipped with a pump.

Technical specifications

Code ST851/2
Size  40 x 40 cm
Material   PVC, PU, najlon 
Maximum load   130 kg


How to prepare antidecubital pillow for use:

1. Put the pillow on a chair.
2. Turn the crankcase in the opposite direction of the clock to open it (the rotating part is the one with the handle sleeve).
3. Connect the white pump tube to the valve.
4. Pump air into the pillow untill the cells are completely filled.
5. Turn the crankcase in clockwise direction to close it and then remove the pump tube.
6. Sit on the pillow.
7.Put your hands between the buttocks and the pillow.
8. Open the valve and slowly release the air out of the pillow. Close the valve once the distance between the buttocks and the bottom of the pillow is three fingers.
9. Antidecubital pillow is ready for use.
10.Check the air condition every 5 to 10 days. Fill the pillow with air if necessary.


Cleaning of the antidecubital pillow

1. Wash the pillow with water and neutral detergent.
2. Wipe the pillow with a damp cloth and rinse with cold water.
3.Dry the pillow.

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Antidecubital pillow 6 cm height
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