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Professional hospital inhaler - Hospyneb | Moretti

Professional hospital inhaler - Hospyneb | Moretti

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Profesisional hospital inhaler for aerosol therapy of respiratory tract, with piston compressor and air filter. Reliable and durable.

Manufacturer Moretti
Warranty 1 godina
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Profesionalni bolnički inhalator
Professional hospital inhaler Hospyneb
✓ For aerosol therapy of respiratory tract
✓ Piston compressor and air filter (replacement every 70 uses)
✓ Reliable and durable
✓ Fasterjet glass
✓ Attachment for nose and mouth, mask, air tube
✓ Porex spare filter
✓ Power cord
In order for the inhalation to have a particularly good effect, try to put hyperthermal water from the Italian Abano Thermi in the inhaler, which has healing ability and is a replacement for saline solution.

Technical specifications

Work pressure 0 ÷ 1,3 bar
Maximum pressure 3,5 bar
Flow 15l/min
Charging 230 V - 50 Hz - (90Va)
Work temperature 10-40°C
Noise level per 1m 60 dBa
Dispersion rate 0,35 (60 kPa) ÷ 0,80 (130 kPa)
Dimensions 26 x 19 x 17 cm
Mass 4 kg
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Professional hospital inhaler - Hospyneb | Moretti
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